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Cuando los diplomáticos salvan vidas

Foreign Affairs Latinoamérica, 22.02.2019
Dixon Moya, egresado de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia, ministro consejero y Cónsul General de
Colombia (Chicago)
[caption id="attachment_36799" align="alignright" width="400"] Dixon Moya[/caption] Hubo una vez en que los diplomáticos salvaron muchas vidas. Era cuando las personas podían entrar a un consulado buscando protección, sin miedo a...
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Ratko Mladić will die in jail. But go to Bosnia: you’ll see that he won

The Guardian, 23.11.2017
Edward ("Ed") S. Vulliamy, periodista y escritor anglo-irlandés
  • I revealed the camps where mass-murder and rape took place. But the Serbian warlord is still adored in the statelet from which non-Serbs were banished
General Ratko Mladić, the most bloodthirsty warlord to strut European soil since the Third Reich, will die in jail. Any other...
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Croatia’s Far Right Weaponizes the Past

Foreign Policy, 06.05.2016
Paul Hockenos
  • The new government includes an outspoken apologist for the country's World War II-era fascist regime.
Picture1 The European Union’s newest member, Croatia, has an unabashed and strong-willed fascist in its new cabinet — one who makes the right-wingers in power in Hungary and Poland look like wimps....
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Putin vs. Merkel: The Clash of Two Clan Chiefs

Global Affairs, 13.04.2016
Luc de Keyser, doctor en medicina
[caption id="attachment_25635" align="alignnone" width="921"]Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) and German Chancellor Angela Merkel attend a ceremony in Moscow. (ALEXANDER AKSAKOV/Getty Images) Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) and German Chancellor Angela Merkel attend a ceremony in Moscow. (ALEXANDER AKSAKOV/Getty Images)[/caption] Media reports...
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Devoted to Terror

Reseña de libro
London Review of Books, Vol.37 (18) 2015
Thomas Laqueur
[BUYKL: A History of the Nazi Concentration Camps by Nikolaus Wachsmann Little Brown, 865 pp, £25.00, April, ISBN 978 0 316 72967 3]
 ‘May the world at least behold a drop, a fraction of this tragic world in which we lived,’ Salmen Gradowski wrote in a letter dated 6 September 1944, which he buried in a flask...
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