Intervención rusa en Siria

OpinionGlobal, 21.09.2018
Riad Fouad Saade, empresario libanés y cónsul honorario de Chile en Beirut

Soon I shall have the pleasure of sharing with you during my annual conference at the Diplomatic Academy – Andres Bello and at ANEPE, my views about the Middle East developments.  For many years I have insisted that M-E conflicts were no more regional, but became global.

The Russian direct intervention in Syria since September 2015, deeply disturbed the western agenda. And if it aimed at re positioning Russia among world powers, ultimately by a “new Yalta” it seems that President Putin strategy might have some difficulties on the ground.

The analysis "Can Russia Survive Her “Partnerships”? Has Putin Made A Strategic Miscalculation?" (Paul Craig Roberts'blog) summarizes it all after the latest blow of the Russian Air Force.

Are we once more at the eve of an apocalyptic WW III?

Since posting my remarks — — other comments on President Putin’s response to the loss of Russian lives have appeared. I am providing links to two of them as examples of the negative consequences for Putin:


Understand that I am not denigrating President Putin. I understand his strategy and consider his strategy to be moral and responsible. My concern is with the unintended consequences of his strategy.

Unintended consequences are a bane of mankind and must be considered and, hopefully, anticipated.

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