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Julian Assange, un nómada brillante, inadaptado y antisistema

La Vanguardia, 11.04.2019
Iñaki Pardo Torregrosa
  • Fundó WikiLeaks de su propia experiencia vital, marcada por la irrupción de la tecnología en el mundo y una infancia a lo Tom Sawyer, primero, y huyendo de una secta, después
[caption id="attachment_37230" align="alignleft" width="400"] Assange saliendo de una comisaría de policía en...
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Cambio en la política exterior de Estado

El Mercurio, 23.02.2019
José Rodríguez Elizondo, abogado y especialista en asuntos internacionales
Tras la Guerra del Pacífico, nuestros gobiernos se atrincheraron en una política vecinal reactiva. Según el historiador Mario Góngora, se autoconvencieron de que lo conquistado siempre había sido nuestro -Arica equivalente a San Antonio- y delegaron la política vecinal en los militares y en los...
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Finland and the Bear

Foreign Policy, 31.07.2018
Anna Nemtsova, corresponsal de Newsweek en Moscú
  • Russian meddling is a rising concern in Helsinki
[caption id="attachment_32073" align="alignleft" width="400"] A demonstrator wears a mask bearing a portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin as protesters gather for a march to defend human rights, freedom of speech, and democracy...
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‘We burned the forest’: the indigenous Chileans fighting loggers with arson

The Guardian, 14.06.2018
Mat Youkee
  • Chile’s Mapuche people are resorting to increasingly radical tactics to reclaim their ancestral land from exploitive industries
[caption id="attachment_31197" align="alignright" width="420"] A Mapuche gathering in Ercilla, Chile. The Mapuche are protesting the presence of agricultural firms on their land. (Rodrigo Abd/AP)[/caption] It is late autumn in...
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Half a Century of India’s Maoist Insurgency

The Diplomat, 21.09.2017
Siddharthya Roy, periodista especializado en política y asuntos globales
  • A political analysis of the long-running conflict
With the largest Communist guerrilla army in the world — the FARC of Colombia — handing over its guns to the United Nations on June 27 this year and preparing to contest elections in the coming month, a...
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Trump’s Bigger Russia Problem

Project-Syndicate, 21.09.2017
Anne-Marie Slaughter (ex directora de planificación Depto de Estado, presidenta New America, y profesora de política y RRII-U. de Princeton) y Nina Jankowicz (académica del Wilson Center)
  • Donald Trump’s stated desire to improve US relations with Russia is understandable; indeed, it is a goal shared by the last several US administrations. But betraying core...
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Healing Colombia’s war-ravaged landscapes

The Conversation, 25.08.2017
Juan Francisco Salazar, antropólogo chileno y profesor Escuela de Humanidades y Comunicación-U. de Western Sydney
  • The tropical dry forest characteristic of Colombia’s Montes de Maria region has all but disappeared
“The armed conflict took so much from us”, one young farmer and communications activist tells us, motioning at photographs of devastated avocado plantations on...
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One Woman’s Fight to Claim Her ‘Blackness’ in Brazil

Foreign Policy, 24.07.2017
Cleuci de Oliveira, periodista brasileño con base en Brasília
  • The experience of a young lawyer raises difficult questions about race, belonging, and the bureaucracy of affirmative action in a country lauded for its egalitarian history
When Maíra Mutti Araújo speaks, she draws out her vowels and pronounces them with a distinctively sharp tone. Her accent...
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Did Liu Xiaobo Die for Nothing?

Project-Syndicate, 16.07.2017
Minxin Pei, profesor chino de Gobierno (Claremont McKenna College) y escritor
[caption id="attachment_18724" align="alignright" width="401"] Billy H. C. Kwok/Getty Images[/caption] The relatively sudden death of Liu Xiaobo, the imprisoned Chinese dissident and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, amounted to a great loss. It also sent a strong message: the Chinese...
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Russians Are Rallying Behind a Political Outsider

Stratfor Worldview, 19.06.2017
[caption id="attachment_17380" align="alignnone" width="501"] (Vasily Maximov/AFP/Getty Images)[/caption]  

Forecast Highlights

  • Mass protests in Russia on June 12 focused more on deep systemic grievances than movements of the past, thus constricting the Kremlin's ability to offer concessions without destabilizing its own system.
  • Opposition leader Alexei Navalny is positioning himself...
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