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Muslims Memories of West’s Imperialism

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Consortiumnews, 04.09.2015
William R. Polk, historiador, escritor y ex profesor sobre el Medio Oriente en Harvard
American politicians know little about history, so they lash out at people from formerly colonized Third World nations without understanding the scars that the West’s repression and brutality have left on these societies, especially in the Muslim world
One result of...
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Diplomacy and the South China Sea

The Diplomat, 17.08.2015
Scott Devary, licenciado en RRII y Diplomacia (Seton Hall University) y MBA en ciencia política (U. de  Washington)
Some diplomatic innovation may be the best chance to manage disputes and forestall conflict
Recent months have brought shocking photos showing new manmade islands and a gargantuan industrial effort in the South China Sea being undertaken...
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Japan and Chinese Decision-Making

The Diplomat, 12.08.2015
Charles Douglas Appleton, asistente de investigación de Rebuilt Japan Initiative Foundation 
Understanding China’s decision-making process could help Japan create a better strategy.

“Our best chance of avoiding antagonism with China is to open up the black box of Chinese domestic politics, look inside, and figure out what makes China act as it...

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Quantum Geopolitics

Stratfor, 28.07.2015
Reva Bhalla, experta en relaciones internacionales
Forecasting the shape the world will take in several years or decades is an audacious undertaking. There are no images to observe or precise data points to anchor us. We can only create a picture, and a fuzzy one at best. This is, after all, our basic human empirical...
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China’s New Islands Are Clearly Military, U.S. Pacific Chief Says

Defense One, 24.07.2015
Kevin Baron, director ejecutivo
Adm. Harry Harris, head of U.S. Pacific Command, says the vastly expanded reefs now look exactly like combat bases for fighters, bombers, ships, and surveillance.
The top U.S. military officer in the Pacific sternly warned China on Friday to immediately cease its “aggressive coercive island building” in the South China...
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A Partnership with China to Avoid World War

The New York Review of Books, Vol.62 (12) 2015
George Soros
International cooperation is in decline both in the political and financial spheres. The UN has failed to address any of the major conflicts since the end of the cold war; the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Change Conference left a sour aftertaste; the World Trade Organization hasn’t concluded...
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China’s Global Ambitions, With Loans and Strings Attached

The New York Times, 24.07.2015
Clifford Krauss y Keith Bradsher
The country has invested billions in Ecuador and elsewhere, using its economic clout to win diplomatic allies and secure natural resources around the world.
Where the Andean foothills dip into the Amazon jungle, nearly 1,000 Chinese engineers and workers have been pouring concrete for a dam and a...
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The Risks and Rewards of SCO Expansion

Council on Foreign Relations, 08.07.2015
William Piekos
On July 9–10, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) will hold its fifteenth summit in Ufa, Russia. At this meeting, the regional grouping—composed of China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan—will start the process of expansion for the first time with the inclusion of India and Pakistan. An expanded membership will...
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Towards a Rational U.S. Strategy (Part II)

Consortiumnews, 01.07.2015
William R. Polk, consultor en política exterior y profesor de Harvard
The ultimate madness of today’s U.S. foreign policy is Official Washington’s eager embrace of a new Cold War against Russia with the potential for nuclear annihilation. A rational strategy would seek alternatives to this return to big-power confrontation. In Part One, I dealt at length with America’s relationship with...
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Russia’s Role in Iran: Another Dimension of the Pivot to the East

European Energy Review, 24.06.2015
Irina Mironova
Russia is experiencing series of problems in its relations with the West; political contradictions, economic troubles exacerbated by the sanctions; diminishing demand for Russia’s energy recourse supplies in traditional markets are among reasons which justified Russia’s ‘pivot to Asia’. In this context, we are often discussing the role of growing economies...
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