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How Poland and Ukraine Could Undermine Putin’s Imperial Dreams

Foreign Policy, 21.02.2023
Pawel Markiewicz (historiador polaco) y Maciej Olchawa (académico polaco)
  • Historically, both countries formed their national identities in defiance of Russian imperialism, and together they can defeat it today.
Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine has caused unimaginable suffering for millions of people and overturned Europe’s security architecture. With little end to the fighting in...
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Our country of the year for 2022 can only be Ukraine

The Economist, 20.12.2022
For the heroism of its people, and for standing up to a bully
In normal times, picking The Economist’s country of the year is hard. Our writers and editors usually begin with a freewheeling debate in which they spar over the rival claims of half a dozen shortlisted nations. But this year, for...
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Parlamento Europeo declara a Rusia como Estado promotor del terrorismo

BioBioChile, 23.11.2022
Matías Vega
El Parlamento Europeo declaró este miércoles a Rusia como un Estado promotor del terrorismo a la vista de sus “ataques deliberados y las atrocidades contra la población ucraniana”. 
También reclamó a la Unión Europea un nuevo marco jurídico para clasificar a estos Estados y restringir las relaciones del bloque comunitario con dichos países. “La...
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The West and Russia the Day After

The Hill, 19.10.2022
William H. Courtney, embajador (r) y académico norteamericano (RAND Corporation)
Russian President Vladimir Putin recently hinted at a softening on Ukraine, saying Russia's military call-up would end and his country had not set out to “destroy” Ukraine. As one potential outcome, the war could end with a Russian pull-out, an end to sanctions,...
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