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China’s Leaders Can’t Be Trusted

Project Syndicate, 28.09.2020
Barón Christopher Francis (Chris) Patten, político británico y ex gobernador de Hong Kong
Four examples of the Chinese leadership’s duplicity and mendacity demonstrate that the last thing the world should do is trust the Communist Party of China. If governments recognize this and act together, the sooner the Beijing bullies will have to behave...
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China Is Paying a High Price for Provoking India

Project Syndicate, 23.09.2020
Brahma Chellaney, profesor de estudios estratégicos (Center for Policy Research-Nueva Delhi) y académico indio (Robert Bosch Academy-Berlín)
For Xi Jinping, the COVID-19 pandemic – which has preoccupied the world’s governments for months – seemed like an ideal opportunity to make quick progress on his expansionist agenda. But by provoking India, he may have...
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10 Hard Realities About the U.N. on Its Troubled 75th Anniversary

World Politics Review, 21.09.2020
Stewart M. Patrick, académico del Council on Foreign Relations
[caption id="attachment_43528" align="alignleft" width="405"] Metal barricades line the shuttered main entrance to the United Nations headquarters in New York. (AP Mary Altaffer)[/caption] The opening of the 75th United Nations General Assembly finds international cooperation in crisis and the U.N....
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Japan’s Geopolitical Balancing Act Just Got Harder

Project Syndicate, 17.09.2020
Minxin Pei,  profesor chino de gobierno (Claremont McKenna College) y académico (German Marshall Fund of the U.S.)
Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe managed to strike a delicate diplomatic balance between China and the United States. But as Sino-American tensions escalate, his successor, Yoshihide Suga, will find it increasingly difficult to avoid taking...
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Decolonizing the United Nations Means Abolishing the Permanent Five

Foreign Policy, 17.09.2020
Hannah Ryder (CEO), Anna Baisch (investigadora) y Ovigwe Eguegu (consejera) de Development Reimagined 
The inequalities of the past can’t set the rules of the present
This year, as the effects of COVID-19 continue to be felt around the world, leaders are preparing to meet virtually to mark 75 years of the United Nations: its “diamond”...
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China Alone

Project Syndicate, 21.08.2020
Brahma Chellaney, profesor indio de estudios extratégicos (Center for Policy Research-Nueva Delhi) y académico (Robert Bosch Academy-Berlin)
As long as the costs of expansionism remain manageable, Chinese President Xi Jinping will stay the course, seeking to exploit electoral politics and polarization in major democracies. The Indo-Pacific’s major democratic powers must not let that...
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La estrategia de defensa de Brasil y el futuro de la región

Infobae, 21.09.2020
Roberto García Moritán, embajador (r) y ex viceministro de RREE argentino
El nuevo Libro Blanco aborda cuestiones sensibles para la seguridad regional y admite que el país se prepara para la eventualidad de crisis agudas en América del Sur
Los Libros Blancos para la Defensa son una medida de transparencia y fomento de la confianza...
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Weaponizing the Belt and Road Initiative

Asia Society Policy Institute, 08.09.2020
Daniel R. Russel, embajador (r) y académico norteamericano
China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), launched by President Xi Jinping in 2013, is a massive international infrastructure program involving nearly 140 countries with over an estimated $1 trillion in projects related to energy, transportation, digital networks, and trade. Chinese leaders frame the BRI...
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La diplomacia y la vacuna contra el virus

República, 01.09.2020
Inocencio F. Arias, embajador (r) y columnista español
En los momentos álgidos de la guerra fría la diplomacia de las dos grandes potencias, Estados Unidos y la Unión Soviética, se servía a menudo de la cooperación, es decir, si hablamos sin rodeos, de la ayuda económica para perseguir sus fines y ganar aliados. Así...
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Present at the Disruption

Foreing Affairs, septiembre/octubre 2020
Richard Haass
How Trump Unmade U.S. Foreign Policy
Present at the Creation is an 800-page memoir written by Dean Acheson, U.S. President Harry Truman’s secretary of state. The title, with its biblical echo, was immodest, but in Acheson’s defense, it was deserved. Working from planning begun under President Franklin Roosevelt, Truman and his senior advisers...
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