The USA ceased to be a great nation

OpinionGlobal, 21.07.2019
Riade Fouad Saade, empresario libanés y consul honorario de Chile en Beirut

In recent days, Middle Eastern residents involved in the US-Iranian conflict have been holding their breath, expecting an incident that could spark a devastating military confrontation.
Although such a war is not in the immediate interest of the second term presidential campaign of Donald Trump and Iran has never searched for such a war, the increased pressure of the USA and its “neutralized” European allies on Iran’s economy is simply choking that country.
In this pressure game that aims at putting Iran on their knees and surrender to US diktat, President Trump forgets that a millennial nation, such as Iran, with its proud people:

  • Is not a group of fundamentalists fueled by the CIA to fight Soviet occupation of Afghanistan
  • Is not a socialist Baathist dictatorship ruling over a 75 years newly UK born nation state in Iraq

The pressure game style of a New York real estate agent’s technique for softening up powerless tenants before evicting them, may have worked with ill organized Taliban and with demonized Saddam Hussein. It is unlikely to succeed with the Iranians.
We have never been so close to WW III than this time with so weird (USA & Israel) or weak (almost all Europe) Western leaderships and governments

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