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Reflexiones sobre Margot Honecker

El Mercurio, 08.05.2016
Roberto Ampuero, escritor
Paradójicamente, el fallecimiento de Margot Honecker no termina interpelando a las conciencias de Alemania, sino de Chile. A diferencia de nuestro país, Alemania, enfocada en sus problemas actuales y proyección de futuro, dejó hace años de mantener en un primer plano el desplome de la RDA y la suerte de los...
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Angela Merkel’s Misunderstood Christian Mission

Foreign Policy, 18.03.2016
Jan-Werner Mueller, profesor de política en Princeton
  • The German leader isn't just fighting for the future of the EU – she's trying to shape the future of the continent's biggest religion
Picture1 Angela Merkel is in the curious position of having become one of Europe’s moral leaders...
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Why Europe’s Great Experiment Is Failing

Global Affairs, 27.01.2016
Ian Morris
The slow-motion crisis of the European Union finally seems to be coming to a head. "Europe could lose its historical footing and the project could die quickly," French Prime Minister Manuel Valls warned in a speech at this year's World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. "Things could fall apart within months," which,...
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Los refugiados que vienen de la guerra

Ahora, 27.11.2015 (N*11)
Michael G. Ignatieff, académico, escritor y ex parlamentario canadiense
  • El frente EE.UU.-Arabia Saudí-países del Golfo para derrocar a Bashar al Asad ha fallado.
  • La huida de Siria demuestra el fracaso de la política occidental en Oriente Medio
[caption id="attachment_18566" align="alignnone" width="433"][/caption] Los estrategas te dirán...
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Person of the Year: ANGELA MERKEL

Time Magazine, 21.12.2015
Nancy Gibbs
Europe’s most powerful leader is a refugee from a time and place where her power would have been unimaginable. The German Democratic Republic, where Angela Merkel grew up, was neither democratic nor a republic; it was an Orwellian horror show, where the Iron Curtain found literal expression in the form of the...
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Angela Merkel: The Chancellor’s Crucible

The Economist, 07.11.2015
  • After ten years in power, Angela Merkel is being forged anew in the refugee crisis
This September, at the height of what the German press has since dubbed an “autumn fairy-tale”, Angela Merkel visited an asylum centre in Spandau, near Berlin. The refugees greeted the German chancellor as though she were their saviour, pressing...
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What German Solidarity Means to the EU

Stratfor Global Intelligence, 10.11.2015
  • German conservatives' criticism of what they perceive as Berlin's soft approach to EU issues will not abate and will affect Germany's foreign and domestic policies in 2016 and particularly after elections in 2017.
  • Within two years, conservative and mildly Euroskeptic governments are likely to rule in Germany and France — the main economic...
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Germany and Europe: The Indispensable European

The Economist, 07.11.2015
  • Angela Merkel faces her most serious political challenge yet.
  • But Europe needs her more than ever
Look around Europe, and one leader stands above all the rest: Angela Merkel. In France François Hollande has given up the pretence that his country leads the continent David Cameron, triumphantly re-elected, is turning Britain into little England....
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