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‘Maduro se quedó solo y los que queremos un cambio somos mayoría’

Entrevista [Henrique Capriles, ex candidato presidencial venezolano]
La Tercera, 01.12.2015
Fernando Fuentes
  • En esta entrevista con La Tercera, Capriles plantea que después del domingo, Maduro deberá reconocer sus errores.
Dos veces candidato presidencial, Henrique Capriles fue el último líder opositor venezolano que enfrentó a Hugo Chávez en las urnas. En esos comicios de octubre de 2012, cayó por casi...
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Big Polluters, Pay Up

Project-Syndicate, 21.10.2015
Stephen Leonard, presidente del Climate Justice Program (Australia)
Earlier this year in Myanmar, torrential rain caused mudslides that wiped out hundreds of houses and caused large-scale crop destruction. More than 1.3 million people were affected, and over 100 died. In Vietnam, the same deluges caused toxic slurry pits from coal mines to overflow and run...
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Europe’s Challenge: Strangers in Strange Lands

The Economist, 12.09.2015
The world’s institutional approach to refugees was born in Europe seven decades ago. The continent must relearn its lessons
IN 1951 a group of diplomats in Geneva committed their countries to absorbing huge numbers of refugees from a region plagued by ethnic hatred, fanatical ideologies, and seemingly interminable war: Europe. The second world war...
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What Happened to Brazil?

Foreign Policy Observer, 23.09.2015
John Feffer, autor y director de Foreign Policy Observer
Latin America's largest country once looked ascendant. Now it's been laid low by widespread violence, structural racism, endemic corruption, and external economic shocks.
In the 2014 World Cup, Germany not only ousted Brazil from the semi-finals. It gave the legendary team a drubbing, 7 goals...
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What’s the Point of Peacekeepers When they Don’t Keep the Peace?

The Guardian, 17.09.2015
Chris McGreal, escritor senior
From Rwanda to Bosnia, Haiti to Congo, failures raise questions about future of United Nations blue helmets
Rwanda, 1994. The nadir of many lows for UN peacekeeping. Hundreds of desperate Tutsis sought refuge on the first day of the genocide at a school where 90 UN troops were under the command of...
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The Crisis of our Crises

Project-Syndicate, 07.09.2015
Jeremy Adelman, director del Global History Lab en la U. de Princeton
At first glance, today’s major international crises seem to have little in common. Some, such as Greece’s debt drama, are economic disasters; others, like Syria’s implosion, are characterized by brutality and political chaos; and still others, most notably Ukraine’s predicament, fall somewhere in...
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Crisis de refugiados sirios

La Tercera, 28.08.2015
Fernando Orrego Vicuña
¿Cómo no compadecerse al ver a los miles de refugiados de Siria e Irak en Grecia, Macedonia y otros lugares de Europa?¿Y los centenares de ahogados en el Mediterráneo? ¿Y los 300 mil muertos en la guerra civil en Siria?¿Y los más de tres millones de refugiados en Jordania, Turquía o...
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El dracma griego

Pulso, 09.07.2015
Iván Cachanosky, investigador económico Fundación para el Progreso (FPP)
Es importante destacar que el problema de la moneda en Grecia es secundario. Euro o no euro, si no hay austeridad fiscal continuarán los problemas económicos. Bancos sin operar, límites de extracción en los cajeros con un límite a €60 diarios, salarios que solo pueden pagarse por...
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