Iran: Revolution at 40

OpinionGlobal, 12.02.2019
Riad Fouad Saade, empresario libanés y consul honorario de Chile en Beirut

At Warsaw, the USA are leading a conference which was labeled at first “Against Iran” and which title was lately modified to become “For Peace in the Middle East”.

At Teheran, the Islamic Republic of Iran is commemorating 40 years of the Revolution that brought it to power. Will the USA bring down the Regime in Teheran as it repeatedly stated and is still working for? Or, will the Islamic Republic find its way to impose itself as the Gendarme of the Middle East?

In other times, the later compromise could have been considered. But today, ailing US hegemony, and growing Chinese and Russian threat to this hegemony, impose on the USA more radical attitudes.

Instead of listening to the US version or to the European one, I present a sound analysis from within Iran that shows the “defensive reactive” as well as the “revolutionary proactive” approaches among Iran leaders (´s “Revolution at 40: Have Iranian regional policies come full circle?”). Both combined explain very well Iran’s policy and even why The Islamic Republic of Iran could hold against US strong will to dislodge it

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