US-Led Afghan Peace Efforts

OpinionGlobal, 02.09.2019
Riad Fouad Saade, empresario libanés y cónsul honorario de Chile en Beirut

The ongoing world political quagmire, inherited from decades of short term attitudes of most world governments, and enhanced by the genuine diplomatic, political and economic style of US President Trump, may have got us to forget that if the 20th century was “the century of the Middle East” the 21st century shall be “the Century of Central Asia”.

Most of us follow from far the Central Asia developments, and often wonder about the fate of Afghanistan, the place from where all started. Very few got a clear picture about why this region became crucial and what are its dynamics.

The analysis ("Geopolitics and US-Led Afghan Peace Efforts", by Dr. Manoj Kumar Mishra). which is focusing on the US policy towards Central Asia, sheds some light on philosophies and facts driving the US strategy. It might explain the US/Taliban peace talks held in Qatar, it says nothing about the US attitude towards President Ghani’s government. At the eve of the Afghan presidential elections which will determine the future of this very important “geopolitical Pivot” and its central role among “Geostrategic Players”, it is worth learning more about Afghanistan and Central Asia.

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