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China’s New Islands Are Clearly Military, U.S. Pacific Chief Says

Defense One, 24.07.2015
Kevin Baron, director ejecutivo
Adm. Harry Harris, head of U.S. Pacific Command, says the vastly expanded reefs now look exactly like combat bases for fighters, bombers, ships, and surveillance.
The top U.S. military officer in the Pacific sternly warned China on Friday to immediately cease its “aggressive coercive island building” in the South China...
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A Partnership with China to Avoid World War

The New York Review of Books, Vol.62 (12) 2015
George Soros
International cooperation is in decline both in the political and financial spheres. The UN has failed to address any of the major conflicts since the end of the cold war; the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Change Conference left a sour aftertaste; the World Trade Organization hasn’t concluded...
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Towards a Rational U.S. Strategy (Part II)

Consortiumnews, 01.07.2015
William R. Polk, consultor en política exterior y profesor de Harvard
The ultimate madness of today’s U.S. foreign policy is Official Washington’s eager embrace of a new Cold War against Russia with the potential for nuclear annihilation. A rational strategy would seek alternatives to this return to big-power confrontation. In Part One, I dealt at length with America’s relationship with...
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The Koreas, Bastion of Cold War Realism

The Diplomat, 25.06.2015
Morgan Potts, editor del British Association for Korean Studies
A reluctant but pragmatic defense of neorealism in Northeast Asia. Nuclear crises, propaganda and espionage, a clash of ideologies – the Korean peninsula is the  only place in the world where the Cold War lingers. This persistence is the result of the 1953 Armistice Agreement and...
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Russia’s Role in Iran: Another Dimension of the Pivot to the East

European Energy Review, 24.06.2015
Irina Mironova
Russia is experiencing series of problems in its relations with the West; political contradictions, economic troubles exacerbated by the sanctions; diminishing demand for Russia’s energy recourse supplies in traditional markets are among reasons which justified Russia’s ‘pivot to Asia’. In this context, we are often discussing the role of growing economies...
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China’s Military Strategy

Voltaire Network, 26.05.2015
Preface The world today is undergoing unprecedented changes, and China is at a critical stage of reform and development. In their endeavor to realize the Chinese Dream of great national rejuvenation, the Chinese people aspire to join hands with the rest of the world to maintain peace, pursue development and share prosperity. China’s destiny is...
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A Net Assessment of East Asia

Geopolitical Weekly, 16.06.2015
George Friedman, presidente Stratfor Global Intelligence
When I began this series a month ago, I pointed out that the most significant feature of the global system currently is the ongoing destabilization of the Eurasian land mass, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from the Arctic to the Arabian Sea. One important aspect of this...
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La limpieza étnica de musulmanes que conocerá cuando se haga una película

El Confidencial, 02.01.2015
Laura Villadiego, corresponsal extranjera en Bangkok
El 28 de mayo de 2012, una joven budista apareció muerta y con signos de haber sufrido violencia sexual en un pueblo del oeste de Birmania, cerca de la frontera con Bangladesh. La policía acusó a tres hombres de la etnia rohingya, una minoría musulmana que vive concentrada en...
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Sure, TPP Is ‘Win-Win’… Unless You Care About Human Rights

The Diplomat, 11.05.2015
John Sifton, director de Human Rights Watch en Asia
The Trans-Pacific Partnership won’t do much to improve the human rights situation in Asia. To hear the Obama Administration tell it, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, is a win-win and cure-all. It will create jobs in the U.S., improve labor and environmental protections, improve business transparency...
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Prelude to a Japanese Revival

Geopolitical Weekly, 28.04.2015
John Minnich analista político y económico (U. de Cornell)
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has arrived in Washington, the third stop on his maiden voyage to the United States since assuming office in 2012. Over the next two days, he will hold a summit with U.S. President Barack Obama on U.S.-Japanese defense and trade cooperation,...
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