Iran a suggestive compilation of facts

OpinionGlobal, 02.11.2019
Riad Fouad Saade, empresario libanés y cónsul honorario de Chile en Beirut

If you wish to understand better the exponential growth of power of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Middle East, the essay "How Iran Changed U.S. Strategic Assets into Liabilities and Altered the World Balance of Power", by Mohamad Shaaf, in Information Clearing House (October 31, 2019), will explain it to you with facts and in a simple way.

The will of the USA to withdraw its armies from the Middle East started seriously with President Obama. Since then the US were caught in a quagmire of chaotic and contradictory decisions that has strengthened Russia and Iran’s positions in the region.

Meanwhile Israel continued to maneuver benefiting of the “largesse” of the USA that “offered” them gifts that it did not own: Jerusalem, Golan heights, Occupied West Bank of the Jordan Valley.

While all will end, either by a devastating confrontation between the US and Iran, or by an agreement between both on power sharing in the Middle East, no consideration is given to the people of this region who are paying a very high price that the US call in a euphemistic way “collateral damage”

How criminal!

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