Oil and energy as a long-term lever of American diplomacy

OpinionGlobal, 01.04.2020
Riad Fouad Saade, empresario libanés y consul honorario de Chile en Beirut

While the Corona Virus is trusting world media space, and while a large variety of hypothesis discuss its origin and many conspiracies are promoted, one thing comforts all parties: the world after Corona shall be different from the world before Corona.

In fact all people of good sense felt that the world system imposed and lead by the USA, had reached its peak of absurdity and that some cataclysm was to happen. Whether Corona was induced or was it a natural generated virus, it is by all means the awaited cataclysm.

For years I have been pointing out during my charlas at the Diplomatic Academy of Chile, to the corner stone of the US hegemony: the US dollar being the sole universal reference currency. This hegemony was based on the control of world oil through a subtile combination of military might backing an unquestionable diplomacy.

For the past two decades, the control of world oil and gas sectors, imposed on the USA to take extreme positions resulting in mass destruction of the Middle East and drastic changes in a weakened Europe. This got many analysts to wonder whether we are witnessing the end of the Empire.

The following study should be considered as one of the best summary of US policy linking the US dollar, the oil and the military supremacy. Is it a prelude to the expected cataclysm leading to a different world?

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