Russia, Iran Owe Big Thanks To Erdogan

Riad Fouad Saade, empresario libanés y consul honorario de Chile en Beirut

For years we have been wondering how the USA and Turkey will handle the Kurdish issue.
On one hand it has been obvious that the USA were “remodeling” the British/French map of Nation States in the Middle East, thus reconsidering a Kurdish entity (which they succeeded in Iraq).

On the other hand Turkey has been struggling to contain its internal “civil war” against the Kurds inside Turkey and considered the US plan to be lethal for its integrity, while at the same time entertaining a neo Ottoman dream of “regaining” territories in Northern Syria and Mosul province (both with Kurdish populations).

I personally think that, had the USA succeeded in creating a Syrian Kurdish entity (Rojava), alongside the Iraqi one, a very dangerous game of dividing Turkey itself was on the way, with the Eastern Turkey water rich area ruled by the Kurds.

If one understands that this part of Turkey is the key to master Mesopotamia (Syria and Iraq) and that Kurds already under US/Israeli total influence, would be much easier to manipulate than a strong Turkish Erdogan, then this Turkish division scenario makes sense in line with Israel’s policy in the Middle East.

But all seem to have forgotten the Russian “chess player”, Vladimir Putin. For years and in spite of Turkey downing one of his planes in 2015, he patiently played it his way. He seems to be winning with the latest withdrawal of US troops from Syria.

Are we living the last act of this tragedy that killed millions of innocent civilians?

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