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Egypt Maneuvers Back to Center Stage

World Politics Review, 25.06.2021
Mohamed Elerian, egresado de Queen Mary U. of London y master en derecho internacional 
[caption id="attachment_57132" align="alignleft" width="500"] Secretary of State Blinken at a meeting with Egyptian President el-Sisi at the Heliopolis Presidential Palace in Cairo. (AP/Alex Brandon).[/caption] During his first four months...
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Israeli-Palestinian Clashes Resonate Across the Middle East

World Politics Review, 13.05.2021
Barnaby Papadopulos, periodista independiente y columnista
[caption id="attachment_56680" align="alignleft" width="500"] Smoke rises after an Israeli airstrike in Gaza City, May 11, 2021 (AP/Hatem Moussa).[/caption] Israeli forces and Palestinian militant factions in the Gaza Strip have been engaged in their heaviest exchange of fire this week since...
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A U.N. Peacekeeping Mission Is Afghanistan’s Best Hope

World Politics Review, 07.05.2021
Charli Carpenter, profesora de ciencia política y estudios legales 
(U. de Massachusetts-Amherst) 
[caption id="attachment_56657" align="alignright" width="500"] U.N. peacekeepers observe Israeli excavators working near Mays al-Jabal, Lebanon.
(AP/Hussein Malla)[/caption] For better or worse, the United States military is leaving Afghanistan. Proponents for withdrawal argue the U.S. has...
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Australia Draws A Line on China

Foreign Policy, 04.05.2021
Keith Johnson (redactor) y Jack Detsch (reportero de seguridad nacional)
Canberra’s had enough of trade embargoes and Chinese grievances—and is ready to draw a line
[caption id="attachment_56612" align="alignright" width="400"] Australian Prime Minister Morrison speaks to the media in a press conference in Canberra.
(Tracey Nearmy/Getty Images)[/caption] Australian defense officials...
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How the U.S. Should Respond to Russia’s New Escalation in Ukraine

World Politics Review, 02.04.2021
Candace Rondeaux, académica y profesora (Center on the Future of War-New America/Arizona State University)
[caption id="attachment_56141" align="alignright" width="405"] A Ukrainian serviceman guards his position near the Line of Contact near Vodiane, 468 miles southeast of Kyiv, eastern Ukraine. (AP/Evgeniy Maloletka).[/caption] For the better part of six...
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India and Pakistan Pursue a Thaw in Kashmir—Again

World Politics Review, 30.03.2021
Aryaman Bhatnagar, analista de política internacional basado en India 
[caption id="attachment_56082" align="alignleft" width="405"] An Indian soldier looks toward the Pir Panjal mountain range from a forward posts at the India-Pakistan frontier. (AP/Channi Anand)[/caption] In late February, India and Pakistan announced a cease-fire along their de...
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Siria: la deuda de Chile

La Tercera, 20.03.2021
Lorenzo Agar Corbinos, doctor en Sociología
La comunidad siria, integrada por cerca de 60.000 descendientes, ve surgir actualmente una cuarta generación de nacidos en este suelo. La cohesión social ha sido ejemplar, llevando la chilenidad y la arabidad en las venas y el corazón. Cerca de...
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Ten Years on, Will There Ever Be Justice for Syria?

Foreign Policy, 17.03.2021
Janine di Giovanni, ex corresponsal en Siria y académica (Jackson Institute for Global Affairs-Yale)
As the war drags on, there are small glimmers of hope for those seeking reconciliation
[caption id="attachment_55993" align="alignright" width="400"] Mass demonstration in support of the opposition on the 10th anniversary of the the...
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Ukraine: Frozen conflict is hotting up

Indian Punchline, 03.04.2021
M.K. Bhadrakumar, ex diplomático y columnista indio
[caption id="attachment_55950" align="alignleft" width="400"] US Navy guided-missile destroyer USS Porter sails in the Bosphorus on its way to the Black Sea (Reuters)[/caption] The terrible beauty of “frozen conflicts” is that it takes hardly any effort to turn...
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India and China Need More Than a Border Pullback to Mend Fences

World Politics Review, 10.03.2021
Anubhav Gupta, director asociado del Asia Society Policy Institute
[caption id="attachment_55747" align="alignleft" width="405"] An Indian army convoy on the Srinagar- Ladakh highway at Gagangeer in Indian-controlled Kashmir.
(AP/Dar Yasin)[/caption] Along the waters of Pangong Lake, high up in the Himalayas, there was a slackening of shoulders...
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